Sorrento Pasta Masterclass

Are you travelling to Italy? Don’t you know how to choose a cooking class in Amalfi Coast? Are you looking for a cooking class in Sorrento to learn how to make Pasta like a pro? Would you like to taste elegant Tortelli, an amazing Pesto Ravioli and the best Cacio e Pepe in Sorrento Peninsula?

Discover our Pasta Masterclass


10:30 AM or 6:00 PM


FROM 80 € (min. age 16 years old)



Sorrento pasta masterclass
Sorrento pasta masterclass
Sorrento pasta masterclass
Sorrento pasta masterclass
Sorrento pasta masterclass
Sorrento pasta masterclass
Sorrento pasta masterclass
Sorrento pasta masterclass
Sorrento pasta masterclass
Sorrento pasta masterclass
Sorrento pasta masterclass
Sorrento pasta masterclass
Sorrento pasta masterclass
Sorrento pasta masterclass
Sorrento Pasta Masterclass_foodiesfromsorrento_META
Sorrento Pasta Masterclass_foodiesfromsorrento_Tortelloni
Sorrento Pasta Masterclass_foodiesfromsorrento_best_pasta_class_in Sorrento
Sorrento Pasta Masterclass_foodiesfromsorrento_best_cooking_class_in_sorrento
Sorrento Pasta Masterclass_foodiesfromsorrento_best_pasta_in_Amalfi
Sorrento Pasta Masterclass_foodiesfromsorrento_best_cooking_class_Positano
Sorrento Pasta Masterclass_foodiesfromsorrento_ravioli_lemon_pasta
Sorrento Pasta Masterclass_foodiesfromsorrento_best_pasta
Sorrento Pasta Masterclass_foodiesfromsorrento_honeymoon_amalfi_coast
Sorrento Pasta Masterclass_foodiesfromsorrento_top_ cooking_ class_Sorrento
Sorrento Pasta Masterclass_foodiesfromsorrento_tortelloni_filled_pasta
Sorrento Pasta Masterclass_foodiesfromsorrento_spaghetti_cacio_e_pepe
Sorrento Pasta Masterclass_foodiesfromsorrento_pasta_from_scratch
Sorrento Pasta Masterclass_foodiesfromsorrento_cooking_class_Sorrento
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If you’re Foodies and you’re travelling to Sorrento and Amalfi Coast you can’t miss our Cooking experience! Come in our cooking studio in Meta and let’s make from scratch 3 amazing pasta dishes.

In our professional cooking studio in Meta, you’ll be part of a small and intimate group and followed by 2 professional instructors. Begin a pasta-making journey with top chefs and boost your skills in the best cooking class in Sorrento. Our Pasta Masterclass is a culinary experience in the art of making fresh pasta and sauces, where we’ll pass to you all our family secrets and restaurant tips we’ve learned over a lifetime. Join a unique gastronomic experience, which combines expertise with conviviality and tradition.

You’ll love the art of making different pasta shapes, from the style of Tortelloni to the technique of making Ravioli and the fun of preparing Guitar Spaghetti. Moreover, explore sauces like cherry tomatoes one, Pesto and Cacio e Pepe that complement our extraordinary pasta creations. At the end of the class you’ll enjoy your pasta dishes, accompanied by wine, limoncello and lots of good memories of your Italian cooking experience.

Why choose our Cooking class?

Local premium ingredients

Truly organic products, carefully chosen from local producers paying attention to the food chain to guarantee a delightful cooking experience.

Sociable Culinary Experience

We love to interact with our guests during the cooking class. So this is the right place for sharing your travel experience and learning something more about Sorrento area and other destinations around the world.

Expert Chefs

Raise your cooking skills with a unique hands-on class guided by skilled chefs sharing their wisdom into the art of Italian pasta making to prepare delicious gourmet dishes.


Easy Recipe Directions

Every recipe is designed in a way to be easily followed and replied at home. We explain you how to manage the ingredients in the right way, how to organize each step of the recipe and we share valuable tips and secrets.

Small group Cooking Class

Participants are followed individually from skilled instructors taking care to everyone needs creating an enjoyable learning environment.

Typical experience

Live and cook like a local, learning the most authentic recipes and making new friends. You can also visit Meta, our village, known for the nice historical center, the beautiful landscapes and the lovely beach.

Cooking Class Info

Foodies from Sorrento - Cooking Class
What's included

Roll up your sleeves as we’ll make together from scratch 3 PASTA DISHES such as:

  1. Tortelloni with cherry tomato sauce;
  2. Spaghetti with Cacio e Pepe sauce;
  3. Ravioli with Pesto sauce.
  • Wine, water and limoncello;
  • PDFs of the 3 recipes and sauces;
  • Local fresh ingredients, kitchen utensils.

REMEMBER: the minimum age to join the class is 16 years old.

NOTE: this is a vegetarian class. Let us know if you have ALLERGIES or dietary restrictions before booking, we are currently UNABLE TO ACCOMMODATE those with CELIAC or DAIRY DISEASE, VEGANS.

How to reach us

We are in VIA CARACCIOLO 140, META (NA) 80062 (click on the address to find us on Google Maps).

1) TRAIN FROM SORRENTO TO META (3 stops, 5 minutes):

  • 10:30 am LUNCH CLASS >  10:02 am train;
  • 6:00 pm DINNER CLASS > 5:14 pm train.

Don’t worry you’ll be able to catch the train back to SORRENTO. From Meta train station you should walk 10/15 minutes in direction of the beach to reach our place.


  • AMALFI > 8:05 am bus;
  • PRAIANO > 8:30 am bus;
  • POSITANO (Sponda stop) > 8:45 am bus;
  • POSITANO (Chiesa Nuova stop) > 8:55 am bus;

VERY IMPORTANT: if you’re coming from POSITANO, PRAIANO or AMALFI, there is NO PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION after the DINNER CLASS, so you should get back to SORRENTO by TRAIN and take a TAXI there.

    Cancellation policy

    NOTE: as we trust in our guests, we don’t ask ANY DEPOSIT during the booking process; please in case you HAVE TO CANCEL we kindly ask you to let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE in order to manage our classes. Thanks in advance for your help!

    • CANCELLATION: we kindly ask you to cancel your reservation at least a week before the starting time of the class. In case you book a date closer to the class you have maximum 24 hours after booking to advice us in case you have to cancel.
    • RESCHEDULE: you can reschedule your class up to 48 hours before the class starts. Please consider any change is subject to our availability.
    • EXTRA PARTICIPANTS: if you need to bring more people to the class, please let us know as soon as you know and we”ll try to accommodate your extra participants.

      Class f.a.q.
          • Is this class in English? Yes;
          • Is this class vegetarian? Yes;
          • Can you accommodate vegans, gluten free or dairy free? No;
          • What’s the minimum age? 16 yers old;
          • What time should I arrive for the class? 10/15 minutes prior to the class;
          • How long does the class last? 3 hours;
          • Where can I park my car? You can you can park in the public blue lines close to our place (it costs 1€ per hour);
          • Where can I park my scooter? You can you can park in the public white lines close to our place or along the street;
          • Is it safe to walk from the train station to your place? Yes, Meta is a safe and quite village at any time of the day.


      Cooking Class reviews

      Deb Avatar
      Book the class it's wonderful and. Sasha and Gio do such a wonderful job. I can't believe we made such amazingly wonderful food. The 3 kinds of pasta were so good as were the 3 kinds of sauces and I learned so much..
      read more
      Amanda Avatar
      I had such a wonderful time. I went by myself but felt very welcomed. It was a great setting to meet the other people in the class. Gio and Sacha were amazing teachers and very kind and fun.
      The food lab was beautiful and I learned so much!
      I can’t wait to go home and try the recipes at home!
      read more
      Jhanelle Avatar
      You can’t go wrong with a cooking class with Giò and Sacha. They were so nice and experienced. I loved every minute of our time together. What about the food you may ask? Best cacio e pepe I’ve had 😊
      read more
      Doug Avatar
      Giò and Sacha are the sweetest couple! When you enter their cooking school, you feel like you’re walking into the home your best friends. They have put together an amazing pasta cooking class. Each part is expertly choreographed to provide a mix of cooking and socializing so you’ll leave with new friends as well. My wife and I had the best time socializing and meeting new friends while learning how to prepare three amazing pasta dishes. We left feeling like we’ve known Giò and Sasha forever. We highly recommend this experience!!
      read more
      Lauren Avatar
      WOW. We booked this experience on the same day and we got so lucky to be able to do this. Giò and Sacha are incredible chefs and shared so many tips with us- the value we received far outweighed the price. The experience is one we will always remember and we left feeling like we just spent a few hours with friends we already knew well! I can’t recommend this enough. We will be taking these lessons home to share with our kids and plan to also take some of their virtual classes as well!
      read more
      Samuel Avatar
      Gio and Sacha were incredible, the pasta masterclass was so good. It was some of the best pasta we've ever had through our trip through Italy and such a great experience! Definitely recommend! Great with allergies too!
      read more

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